Apparently, you’re not supposed to cook before a date…..


As the majority of my fellow Georgians are watching the Falcons rise up right now, I’ve decided to take a stab at my second blog entry. I’m sitting here inhaling eating these delicious homemade veggie burgers (Grilled Veggie Burgers w/ Grilled Avocado via. Undressed Skeleton)  that I just made. I’ve been on this ‘home-maker’ kick because of my health journey and I’ve been cooking just about everyday. Yesterday, I made my weekly weekend trip to the Dekalb Farmers Market and the State Farmers Market for fresh produce and the ingredients that I’d need for my veggie burgers. I invited my good friend, and ‘love coach’ to do this shopping, and was advised that I didn’t need to cook because ‘you’re not supposed to eat before a date’.

So this date. Last night, I had a first date with a guy that I met ONLINE. I was so friggin’ nervous!! Why? Because : 1. I was expecting a catfish. So much so, that I was literally approaching random men in the Dekalb Farmers Market, asking them their height and if they could stand next to me, so that I could get an idea of my online date’s height in comparison to mines; 2. I haven’t been on a REAL DATE in centuries – LITERALLY – but with the help of my THREE, yes three, relationship/dating mentors/coaches (because it takes a village to get me in a relationship again) I had a great time. 🙂 We went to Ormsby’s, even though neither of us had been to that bar before. They didn’t have my American Honey, but did have a HUGE selection of beers and cocktails. And also had tons of fun games to play like bocce ball, pool, shuffleboard, and darts. We never got around to playing any of the games though, lol –  but had a some laughs and great conversation……… And I must say, I gave good hair last night – which was one of my personal highlights of my night. There’s nothing like feeling a little unsure about going on a ‘blind date’ , but feeling super confident about the little things. In my case, that was my hair. I wore my favorite black and cream striped dress (I bought it at Ross Dress for Less, but this dress is the same brand and similar, click here), so I was super comfortable and wore light make-up, as men don’t usually like ‘overdone’ women. (or so I was told)  Enough about that; maybe that will be another entry. Along with the scoop on my matchmaker/dating coach, my relationship coach, and my love coach  😉 Image

So with all of that being said – I had to make my veggie burgers today. They were absolutely delicious. I did tweak her recipe by adding shredded carrots, and not including the dill. At about 72 calories per burger, I didn’t feel guilty about having 2 of them and feel completely satiated for the day. After my 9pm workout tonight, I’ll have a parfait and I’ll be set!! Feeling good & feeling great today!!! 🙂 …….xoxo









  1. gingermaryann · · Reply

    Glad your first date went well! I know that scary feeling of not knowing what he’s gonna look like or how it’s gonna go!! Are you gonna see him again??
    Also, those veggie burgers look amazing. Your blog is awesome so far…keep it up!!

    1. Thanks so much!!! Yeah, I will see him again. We haven’t set a firm date, but definitely. Either way, I’ll blog about it! lol

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