My name is Shari, and I’m a TEA addict


Deciding to ‘slum it’ for our regular Friday night tradition, Leah and I stayed local and went to Red Lobster Friday night. There was an hour and a half wait – which was totally unexpected because I didn’t even know people went to Red Lobster like that anymore. It was freezing that night, and we ended up having to wait outside. We normally don’t mind a long wait, as we LOVE to people watch. 😉 As much fun as that was, Saturday morning I woke up with a tickle in my throat – that I drank a glass of ginger tea ( ginger root, that I chop, then boil, and steep to make tea) for. I’m not really into western medicine: 1. Because my family is Caribbean and ‘bush’ can cure anything. And 2. I had a slight scare with my liver over a year ago, so I just try to stay away from possible toxins. I firmly believe that tea cures just about anything though. I drink hot tea atleast 5 days out of every week; sampling random teas that are on sale or that I’ve seen online. My a.m. staple right now is Peppermint tea. Because I often go thru phases of sleepless nights, my p.m. staple is Chamomille tea. And I can actually admit that for me, the chamomile tea works just as well as when I was prescribed to Ambien last year – minus the grogginess the following morning and euphoric high right before I go out to sleep.

So naturally, when my new friend told me that he was sick – I suggested that he make tea. I was literally taken aback when he said that he had no idea how to make tea. Hunh? What?  — Well, that’s another story. Needless to say, we hung out on Monday – and guess what? I’m not accusing him or anything……… but that tickle from Saturday turned into a full blown cold. So of course I worked from home and guzzled good ol’ Echinacea tea all day, and I am feeling better today.

Today, I also decided to add a new tea-related gem to my health journey: Dandelion/Cranberry tea for water weight elimination. I never really gave water weight any thought, but a discussion about it triggered my interest over the weekend. So for the next 7 days I will incorporate that into my daily gallon a day water consumption. That tea is my water consumption. Its just real cranberry juice, lemon juice, water, and dandelion root tea bags. If I see a shift in my weight, it will be something that I incorporate into my routine 2 to 3 times a week. I don’t anticipate a huge change in weight, but if it can regulate bloating when I’m monster-rating, then I’ll be satisfied. I’ll give an update later. :: ……. xoxo



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