Monthly Archives: February 2013

a Quickie w/ shariallsmiles : My FAVE lasagna

Since I’m American/Caribbean – cooking Italian is soooooo not on my radar, but I LA-A-OVE lasagna. Its my ‘favorite’ food. Since I’ve been in semi-homemaker mode lately, I decided to make my Kroger Brand Lasagna. I call it that because I literally buy just about every major ingredient from there. I would usually add a […]

In 2013, I Celebrated Side Chick Day for the First Time

This year was the first year that I’d ever heard any mention of a ‘Side Chick/Dude Day’. Apparently, it’s the day after Valentine’s Day – because you spend Valentine’s Day with your loved one, then the following day is reserved for the person that you’re dating on the ‘side’. Who knew? So I guess that […]

a quickie w/ shariallsmiles : Fat Tuesday Jambalaya

I’m going to call this my Fat Tuesday Jambalaya. Yesterday was pretty ugly outside, so a 35 minute drive to Gwinnett to get ‘authentic cajun food’ @ Pappadeauxs was out of the question. So I decided to cook in – which is always better than eating out anyway because I can be in control of […]

Oy, Dating is Time Consuming

So, I haven’t blogged in ages. I hate to admit it, but it’s because I’ve been dating. ‘Him’ and I are in that sickening honeymoon stage – where we want to see each other all of the time, and yada yada yada. I feel so out of the loop. My social networking ( well, not […]