In 2013, I Celebrated Side Chick Day for the First Time

This year was the first year that I’d ever heard any mention of a ‘Side Chick/Dude Day’. Apparently, it’s the day after Valentine’s Day – because you spend Valentine’s Day with your loved one, then the following day is reserved for the person that you’re dating on the ‘side’. Who knew? So I guess that I’m ‘his’ side chick because Friday night we went to Paris on Ponce for their Cupid’s Pajama Party by Minette Magnifique : A Louisiana based burlesque dance group specializing in, as they put it, The Art of Delectable Dance. Neither of us had ever been to a burlesque show, so when we were in Paris on Ponce a week prior shopping – for what turned out to be my Valentine’s Day gift : a hip flask ( which I’ve been wanting for months now) – and saw the flyer for the event, we decided to ditch our previous Vday plans and try something new. I’m so glad that we did! There were 7 girls total; all different shapes and sizes, skin tones, and personalities; all equally amazing – although I had one fave!! And while they didn’t strip down to their birthday suits, I totally admired their confidence and ability to tease the audience with their dancing. No photos of the dancers were allowed during the show, but some shots of the venue were taken. And they did come out afterwards to take pictures, but I was feeling like somewhat of a groupie and didn’t want to bug them for a photo. I did get a photo with the hostess though – she was super sweet. Maybe I’ll get a picture the next time that I go, because there will be a next time. 🙂 doorman

womanthe view  stage  bears

(photos courtesy of Vanilla Skies)

lbdSpeaking of pictures – ‘him’ and I took a photo together before we left the house. This is a big deal for me because for 1. I don’t know how to take pictures with other people because .. I mean, I just don’t.  And 2. I dunno, ‘couples pictures’ make things feel ‘official’, no? Either way, a picture was taken. allari So there he is. 🙂 This picture was taken on a lighter note of the night, as later on after the show – we had a lover’s spat about……..well, lets just say: I’m realizing that dating/relationships are hard. I was under the impression that dating/relationships were as simple as Ariel’s & Eric’s. Okay, well maybe not as simple as a Disney movie, but very similar. But I’m learning…… day by day.

So overall, I enjoyed Side Chick Day. I look forward to next year……..xoxo


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