Kitchen Beautician : Twist Outs

In March, I decided to ‘texlax’ my hair for the first time. Image  ImageTexlax : the process of gently underprocessing your hair, to keep a balance between your naturally textured hair & your chemically straightened hair. I used the diluting method by adding essential oils to the relaxer- to decrease the strength. Now 8 weeks later, my hair is so out of whack. I’m thinking its because I have three different textures of hair going on :: From my scalp to the ends of my strands – 1. Natural, kinky new growth, 2. Texlaxed hair, and 3. Bone straight relaxed hair. I usually wear my hair straight –  by either blow-drying, then flat ironing or air drying, then caruso steam rolling – but its becoming more difficult to keep my new growth and texlaxed hair straight , so I’m trying out new protective styles that require little manipulation to my hair.

The Twistout


After a wash, I semi-air dried and twisted my hair with moisturizer and oil. 5 twists going forward, and 4 twist going back. Image I wrapped the ends with pillow rollers, and tied down with a satin scarf. I kept it this way for over 24 hours. I was happy with the results, but next time I’ll twist with a curly pudding for a better hold. 🙂 Image Image

The Messy Pin-Up

This is pretty self explanatory. I just pinned my hair up in the back with a small clip, then wrapped one of my satin scarves around the parameter of my head, and tied it into a big ass bow. I think I’ll be doing this one alot over the next few weeks. 😉 Image


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