Monthly Archives: August 2013

a quickie w/ shariallsmiles : ‘Healthy’ Meatloaf & Mashed Cauliflower

I lowkey love meatloaf. Like, LOVE it. It’s my second favorite food. Meatloaf is so easy to make, but the last few times that I’ve craved it, I just went out and bought it – pre-made :/.  So to make-up for it, I decided to make a ‘healthy meatloaf’. I’m not sure how healthy it […]

Kitchen Beautician : Roller Wrap & Saran Wrap Method

  So , I did the roller wrap / saran wrap method last night. Besides the fact that saran wraps leave my hair uber soft, its a pretty easy non direct heat style. I’ve vowed to not blowdry for the next 3 months. ( Except for the 3 times I get a trim once a […]

Kitchen Beautician : My WASH Day Regimen

So this is the regimen that I’ll be following over the next 12 weeks of my journey. I started around 4:15pm and finished roller setting around 830pm – but I kept my prepoo & DC on longer than 30 minutes. AND that didnt include me drying, so…. yeah, it can be time consuming – but […]

Kitchen Beautician : My COWASH Day Regimen

Being on a hair journey can be time consuming and can seem overwhelming, especially at the beginning. The good news is that after a few months, you should start seeing changes in your hair : More moisture/hydration retention & softer, more manageable new growth are just a couple. So as your journey progresses it wont […]

My Health and Hair Journey Regimen ‘Trial Run – Goals – Challenge’

Let me start out by saying this : I usually don’t set ‘real’ goals for myself, well actually, let me correct that : I don’t really announce my goals, in fear of failing and disappointing myself or whoever paid attention to it in the first place. I’m usually a very structured person – with TO DO […]