My Health and Hair Journey Regimen ‘Trial Run – Goals – Challenge’

Let me start out by saying this : I usually don’t set ‘real’ goals for myself, well actually, let me correct that : I don’t really announce my goals, in fear of failing and disappointing myself or whoever paid attention to it in the first place. I’m usually a very structured person – with TO DO lists and itineraries, and I’ve been consistent (for the most part, sometimes I backslide) with my journeys and regimens – but it occurred to me that I needed to be more structured in my approach so that I can pinpoint issues and measure progress better. And most importantly, NOT BACKSLIDE!! I was actually prompted to create these health journey goals – from none other than Instagram. I’m a camera whore, I love taking pictures, I love looking at other people’s pictures, but the other thing that I love about Instagram is being able to find other people that are on the same journeys as I am – to gain tips and ideas. So here are my goals for August :

1. Workout 5-6 days a week

  • 20 – 24 workouts a month

 2. Drink a gallon of water a day

  • 31 gallons / 3,968oz a month

 3. Strength Training 5 days a week

 4. Consume berries 4-5 days a week

 5. Consume ginger 3-4 days a week

 6. Walk/Run at least 60 miles

 7. Limit candy/sweets/fruit snacks consumption to no more than 100 calories or none a day

 8. Stretch after every workout

 PS. MyFitnessPal, MyFitnessPal, MyFitnessPal – everyday

I was kind of already doing this to a degree, but again, no real structure. I’ve been walking/jogging at local parks lately and using this awesome pedometer app : Runtastic. It tracks my steps, my calories, total mileage, etc. Screenshot_2013-08-04-17-19-16

I’ve also been on a serious smoothie kick. (I was juicing a few months, but my juicer died, so…. ) Spinach, Kale, Berries, Chia Seeds, Ground Flax, Almond Milk, Coconut, Ginger, Lemon, Oatmeal – just to name a few of the goodies that I use.  I get tons of vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants & I balance the fruit (sugar) with leafy green vegetables and nuts – ALL IN ONE.


My biggest hurdle will be the sweets. I can’t stay away from them! I’ll go without any candy for a week, then binge on candy and fruit snacks. :/ So I’m going to try to limit the amount that I eat, to see if that will curb my strong desire to consume them all of the time.

As far as my hair journey. Again, I felt that I needed more structure. And honestly, since working out outdoors and being directly under the sun, I’ve noticed that my strands are really dry. The combination of the heat and the fact that I sweat a lot, lead to damage. My ends were breaking – and it didn’t matter how much I conditioned, moisturized or oiled. I’ve been struggling with it the last couple months or so, trying to tweak my regimen – but it really came to a head when I got my relaxer yesterday. I was 11 weeks post and I had significant growth, but because of the damage – a lot of my ends were thin and had to be cut off. The purpose of my hair journey has always been for healthier hair, but the retention of length was also a nice perk. So in keeping with my ‘goals’ for my health journey, I created some ‘goals’ or really, a trial run to try over the next 3 months of my hair journey. Its interesting because I was doing the majority of these things at the beginning of my hair journey, but just got lazy and cocky once I started seeing progress: (and I’ll do this in combination with my normal regimen of vitamins and moisturizing & sealing)


1. NO BLOWDRYING  and minimal flat ironing

  • Roller sets / Hooded Dryer  or Airdry

2. Castor Oil Scalp Massage 2x a week

  • 2 days before cowash/wash days

3. Cowash 1x a week – My Routine –> click here !

  • V05
  • Simple DC on dry hair (Suave, Oil/Honey)
  • Aussie or Organix

4. Protective styles 3-4x a week

5. 6-7 weeks post, start moisturizing new growth with diluted moisturizer/oil combo (dilute with water, using an applicator bottle)

6. Moisturization Pre/Post Workout apparently, moisturization isn’t a word?

  • Pre Workout – Leave-In Conditioner Spray & Heat Protectant
  • Post Workout – Blowdry sweat soaked scalp on cool, then apply Leave-In

7. New Wash Day Routine

  • PrePoo –  Oils/Honey for at least 30 minutes
  • Shampoo
  • Tea Rinse – Black, Peppermint, or Rosemary
  • Deep Conditioner –  Proteined DC or package labeled ‘DC’ for at least 30 minutes
  • Conditioner
  • Leave-In (don’t apply Leave-In on soaked hair) & Serum (Chi, Organix Keratin Oil, or Organix Coconut Milk)

PS – Only seal with Grapeseed Oil

Oh! And I’m a visual person, so I invested in a small dry erase board to keep track of my hair journey days.


I know it sounds really corny, but I’m actually looking really forward to accomplishing these ‘goals’. Maybe its more of a challenge – either way – I’m excited. 🙂 …..xoxo


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