Kitchen Beautician : My COWASH Day Regimen

Being on a hair journey can be time consuming and can seem overwhelming, especially at the beginning. The good news is that after a few months, you should start seeing changes in your hair : More moisture/hydration retention & softer, more manageable new growth are just a couple. So as your journey progresses it wont be as time consuming 🙂 But also keep in mind, for me, around the 7th or 8th week post, I treat my hair more delicately and that can require some more time. For example, I’m literally 3 days post and today it took me 2 minutes to detangle. When I’m 10 weeks post, it will probably take a good 8-10 minutes, but I might not leave my conditioner on as long because my hair was already pretty soft and manageable before I cowashed. Either way, its probably best to block out a couple of hours (give or take) on a cowash day. 🙂

1. 5 minutes – Rinse out hair with warm water ( I did this in the shower today, but I usually wash/cowash my hair in the kitchen sink) , apply cheap moisturizing conditioner – I used V05 Moisture Milk, massage scalp just like you would a shampoo, then rinse out with warm water. I do this one time. IMG_20130806_143739

*Note: What’s the point of using a cheap conditioner?  The point of cowashing is to ‘shampoo’ your hair with conditioner. On a hair journey, you’re incorporating oils and new products that can clog your strands over time. Just rinsing your hair with water can wash away some of the natural oils that you would want to retain. So you want something that will semi clean your hair, but retain some the good stuff – washing with a conditioner does that. So why the V05s, Suaves, or Herbal Essences?  A cowash can happen as often as you need it. At one point, I was cowashing twice a week – so I wouldn’t want to use a regular conditioner, as I would run out pretty quickly. Yes, it is cheap so it’s not as moisturizing and nourishing as a regular conditioner, but you should always follow up with a DC or a regular conditioner to give your hair what it needs.

2.  3 minutes – Mix my deep conditioner. On cowash days, I do a simple DC that I make myself. I start with conditioner, then sometimes I add rosewater, glycerine, and/or oils. Today’s DC was Suave Professionals, Honey, & Avocado Oil.


3.  3 minutes – Apply DC and cover hair with conditioning cap or shower cap. Let sit on hair for atleast 30 minutes. Sometimes I leave conditioner on my hair for hours, depending on how much time I have.

4.  5-12 minutes – Rinse out DC with warm water to remove some of the oil, follow up with a pass of conditioner – I used Aussine 3 Minute Recon – and rinse that out with cool water. Towel dry hair, apply Leave-In, Serum or Oil, & Detangler,  (I don’t apply my Leave-In to soaked hair – After I towel dry, I let airdry for about 5 minutes before applying anything) detangle, and tie down edges with satin scarf.


5. 120 minutes or more – Airdrying. ( You can speed up the process by blowdrying on the cool setting) Once dried, I applied a little moisturizer and then wrapped it. You can also put it in a bun to airdry if you plan on wearing a bun until your next cowash or wash day.

  • You can do a braidout or twist out. After detangling, braid/twist hair, then let airdry. You can also sit under the dryer, if you don’t have the time to airdry – just make sure to apply a heat protectant.

splitair(my hair semi damp & fully airdried)


6.  120 minutes or more – Rollerset.  After I detangle, I apply heat protectant, then I follow mskibibi ‘s How to : Roller Set Tutorial and get under my hooded dryer. Once dried, I apply a little moisturizer and I wrap it or pincurl it.


7.  45-60 minutes – Probably the quickest way to dry and style my hair after a cowash, but not the best thing for my hair because of all of the heat. After detangling, I’ll apply a heat protectant – then blowdry on medium to hot. Then I’ll flat iron and run out the door! If I’m not in a rush, I won’t flat iron – I’ll blowdry, then wrap or caruso roller set and wrap or pincurl.

6 and 7 are just options that I’ve done and will do in the future. Today, I simply airdied. So in total it took about 2 hours. Two hours well spent for healthier hair. 🙂 Next post: WASH Day Regimen!!



  1. LaShanta' · · Reply

    this was helpful, thanks!

  2. […] I used the remaining DC that I had from my co-wash on Tuesday. It was Suave Professionals, Honey, & Avocado Oil. I also added a little ORS […]

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