Kitchen Beautician : My WASH Day Regimen

So this is the regimen that I’ll be following over the next 12 weeks of my journey. I started around 4:15pm and finished roller setting around 830pm – but I kept my prepoo & DC on longer than 30 minutes. AND that didnt include me drying, so…. yeah, it can be time consuming – but its totally worth it. 🙂


  • PrePoo –  Oils/Honey for at least 30 minutes

It seems like there is this big debate about the point of prepoo’ing. PrePoo is just pre shampoo. Even though shampooing is great, well necessary for your hair, its still stressful on your strands. So the idea behind prepoo’ing is to treat your hair before the stress. I havent prepoo’ed since the beginning of my journey, but I’m going to give it a more consistent try. Today, was just Honey & Saphhire Oil. I applied it to my hair, shower capped it, and left it on for about an hour.

  • Shampoo

I usually use shampoos labeled ‘moisturizing’ or ‘hydrating’ because my hair tends to be on the drier side. I’m totally convinced that all Organix shampoos hydrate and moisturize. I love them.

  • Tea Rinse – Black, Peppermint, or Rosemary

For the tea rinse, I boiled 4 black tea bags in water. Once it cooled, (sometimes I have to refrigerate if I forget to boil ahead of time) over the sink, I poured the tea over my scalp and squeezed out any access tea before applying my DC.


  • Deep Conditioner –  Proteined DC or package labeled ‘DC’ for at least 30 minutes

Today I used the remaining DC that I had from my co-wash on Tuesday. It was Suave Professionals, Honey, & Avocado Oil. I also added a little ORS Replenish Pak for some strong protein. I applied it over my tea rinsed hair, shower capped it, and left it on for about an hour.

  • Regular Conditioner

My conditioners fall in the same category as my shampoos: moisture and hydration. I don’t always match my Organix wash sets, but today I did because I just love how the Acai Berry Avocado smells. I washed out my DC with warm water , then applied the ‘regular’ conditioner, and rinsed out with cool water.

  • Leave-In  & Serum (Chi, Organix Keratin Oil, or Organix Coconut Milk)???????????????????????????????

After towel drying my hair, I applied a few sprays of Elasta QP Silk Leave-In spray, a dime sized amount of Organix Coconut Milk, and an even smaller amount of ORS Heat Protectant – since I’m roller setting.

Roller set, then wrap day – it might be called a ‘roller wrap’ or something. The struggle with that: my hooded dryer is in storage!! So, I blowdried with the rollers for about 45 minutes – luckily, my hair dries pretty quickly.  I know its a blur, but I was over it at this point, lol. I haven’t done a roller set in literally over a year!! I roller set with the largest rollers possible. The last time I roller set, I was using reds – now gray and purple all around. 🙂

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Once dried, I put a little grapeseed oil on my ends and cross wrapped. (one satin wrap from the back, and another from the front)  And ta-da, the end of wash day 🙂




  1. beautyblossoms4ever · · Reply

    Really nice regimen…… I love organic products as well…. You should try your prepoo with confitioner…… I put oils in my scalp and use the macadamia hydrating hair mask from organix on my ends and it work wonders! Just a thought 😀

    1. Thanks! I’ll try it..

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