Walking Isn’t a ‘Workout’? Say What??

In the summer of last year, I decided to incorporate walking into my health journey. It was for a very simple reason: I was laid off from my job and I REFUSED to pay for a gym membership. When I started my health journey (2012), I was working out at a recreation center in my neighborhood that was $20 A YEAR for local residents or in the fitness center that my job provided. Once those two options were no longer available – the idea of walking outdoors entered my mind. There are parks and trails EVERYWHERE and I also had a lot of extra time on my hands from the layoff. So….. I started walking: around the neighborhood, to the corner store, at the park, at Stone Mountain. And I realized that I absolutely LOVED IT. I’m an earth sign, so it might have something to do with that, but I literally love breathing fresh air as I workout. WORKOUT. Perfect segue.

From the day that I started walking, which has now transitioned into partially jogging at times, haters naysayers  have literally argued with me that ‘just walking’ is not a workout. I politely disagree. I honestly believe that walking is great cardiovascular exercise and is in fact, a very effective workout. And it’s friggin’ free, lol! Side note: I’m beginning to really struggle with the idea that in order to be/get healthy, get a ‘good workout’, or to ‘not be bored’ with a workout, is to pay a ton of money for a gym membership or a trainer – but I’ll save that for another post. On a good week I’m walking 4-5 days for at least 45 minutes; I’m constantly keeping an eye out on trails that I’ve never visited; I walk on inclines, declines, level and not so level terrain – increasing and decreasing my pace throughout to burn more calories.  The results: Has weight loss occurred? Yes. A change in clothing sizes? Yes. Does my skin look amazing? Yes. (That might not have anything to do with the walking though, lol)  But the best results by far: I feel so light on my feet. I love that feeling and I don’t even know if people really pay attention to that, but I do!

Now with that being said, the goal of my health journey is overall health and a little weight loss. If you have more specific goals on your journey – even though, the reality is that most critics aren’t even healthy or making an effort to be healthy – but again, I’ll save that for another post 😉 – then maybe ‘just walking’ isn’t enough for you, but don’t discount it. Get out there! Find a walking trail. Feel the breeze. Absorb the sun’s energy! And get some good cardio!                                xoxo


before after * 2012 to 2014


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