the everyTHANG cleanse/detox

I officially tried a  2 week cleanse/detox a few weeks ago. Two weeks doesn’t seem like much, but I was pretty amazed with the results!! I did lose a couple of pounds, but those aren’t the results that I’m talking about : increased energy, that ‘light on my feet’ feeling, increased appetite -which is great for boosting metabolism, and the accomplishment of actually finishing it – although I  lost my way a couple of days, lol. What I got the most out of it is the planning aspect, which I LIVE for a plan. My eating habits are pretty similar to what we call a ‘detox’ or ‘cleanse’ anyway,  and although I’ve had success with my healthy journey, I’m always looking for something new to try with the hopes that I can incorporate into my lifestyle permanently. Not to mention, I’ll be eating camp food all of next week, so I’ll need to clean myself out!! So I decided to make up my own cleanse ,well I’m calling it an everyTHANG cleanse: full of fresh fruits and veggies to consume, detoxing my skin to release toxins, and incorporating my workout regimen.  I’ll drag some of my unsuspecting friends into the mix too!! Even though I won’t start until the first week in August, I’m excited!!!

First, I decided what I wanted to get done:

2 Week Everything Cleanse

Goal: Committing to a healthier, more balanced way of living


  1. 3 cups of vegetables daily
  2. Hot, Herbal Tea 3x a week
  3. Consume yogurt 3x a week
  4. Consume berries 3x
  5. Consume fresh ginger 2x a week
  6. No fast foods
  7. No candy/unnatural sweets
  8. ½ of your weight in water ounces intake ( Ex. Weight : 160 – Water Intake : 80oz)
  9. Consume 1tbsp of Apple Cider Vinegar 1x a week
  10. Consume 8oz of real Cranberry Juice 2x a week


  1. Floss & Hydrogen Mix Nightly
  2. Aloe/Cucumber Facial 3x week
  3. Oatmeal Facial 1x weekly
  4. Body Scrub 2x a week
  5. Castor Oil scalp the night before Wash Day
  6. Wash Day 1x a week
    1. Cowash 1x a week if necessary


  1. Booty & Strength Routine 4x a week
  2. AM Workout 3x a week
  3. 60 min minimum workout 5x a week ( separate to 1&2)


Second, I created an Everything Plan Template and then started plugging in.

The finished project : Everything PlanSKA . So let me start bugging people to join me!! 🙂


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