a quickie w/ Shari : Curlformers

My “hair journey” is literally an on-going journey. Even though I’ve cut down my use of direct heat significantly in the last 3 years, I still like the blowdried/flat iron look. I cut my hair – trying to be cute with his hair style I found on Instagram :/ – in October and realized that I lost more length and fullness than I really wanted to! The focus of my hair journey has always been health, but i’m switching it up and adding length to the mix. After researching, it seems like ALOT of my fellow hairjourneyers don’t use direct heat  barely  on their hair at all. I came across phrases like “I haven’t flat ironed my hair in 6 1/2 years”. Like, what? I’ve come to terms with the fact that my edges just will not lay like I need them to once I’m pass 7 weeks post, but dealing with the carpet in the center of my head – is a whole ‘nother story!! But I’m giving it a go. I haven’t used direct heat for 3 weeks now and I’m 13 weeks post; stretching my relaxer for 20 weeks, so I committed to no direct heat for the last 10 weeks of the stretch (and hopefully longer going forward) . This decision has me searching for heatless styles on You Tube in my spare time. I came across CURLFORMERS. They are these rubbery coils that you pull your hair thru and your hair ‘forms’ to the coil – creating curls. So I ordered some from Amazon for about 12 bucks and tested them out on semi airdried hair. I intended to sit under the dryer for a bit, but got comfortable on the couch instead (reading The Hunger Games 🙂 ).  Ended up sleeping with them in – which my neck didn’t appreciate, but it wasn’t too bad. The following morning,  I simply pulled them off and lightly separated each curl with coconut oil on my fingertips. I LOVED the results. And everyone was playing in my hair all day.

ps. This was a regular wash day, so I just used my regular styling  products that are included on my wash day routine. Oh wait, I did add a new product : Smooth n Shine Gel w/ Aloe & Protein. This is a big deal because I haven’t used ‘holding’ products in years, but this leaves your hair really light!

Hope you enjoyed it!                 xoxo ooooo xoxo 😊PhotoGrid_1422550687415



  1. The curls are beautiful!

    1. I loved them! Just need to find the time to do it again!!

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