a quickie w/ shari : DIY Steam Facial


So I’ve been doing weekly ( sometimes every other week) at-home steam facials for about 3 months now and my skin loves it!  I have great skin ( not to be braggadocious or anything :roll:) , but I’m always intrigued with incorporating new ways to enrich my health & wellness without burning thru my paycheck.  And I’m terrified that one day I’ll wake up and my skin will be dull and unflattering 😒. Like, seriously lol. At home facial steaming is so easy and affordable, it’s ridiculous! I can’t believe it took me 30 years to start doing it.

1. I start by cleaning my face with a mild cleanser ( I actually used a scrub in the picture above because i slept with my makeup on the night before, don’t judge me I felt like it :roll:)  to get rid of the surface dirt.

2. I then boiled about a gallon of distilled water and added my herbs & lemons in a large bowl. My go-to combo has been lemon slices, thyme, oregano, mint, (basically the herbs from my potted herb garden) and essential oils : lemon, eucalyptus, and lavender. I use this combo for its calming, cleansing, and pore tightening properties and it smells amazeballs. I’m going start incorporating Chai,  chamomile, and cinnamon soon too.

3.  Then I grab a pillow & a towel and sit on  the floor with the steaming bowl on the floor in front of me; Cover my head with the towel (forming a tent) and position myself so that my face is directly over the steam. I sit here in silence meditating and taking deep breaths – RELAXING – for about 15 minutes.

4. Now that the deep, dark dirt has surfaced – I clean my face again with cleanser and apply toner.  I’ve been using Apple Cidar Vinegar toner lately : 1 part ACV to 2 parts distilled water. ACV is one of those things that’s just good for you in every aspect. It’s good for your face because it balances the Ph of your skin and eliminates dead skin – which helps with clearing away blemishes and dark spots. It also closes those pores back up that I just opened. I literally love it. Once my toner dries, I apply a mild moisturizer. I’m obsessed with YES TO Cucumbers Calming Moisterizer.

My face feels so amazing after these facials and it’s too easy not to try at least once. :):)


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