a quickie w / Shari : Brining & Marinating Chicken


Brining is like, my new obsession. I usually only eat boneless, skinless chicken breast – which can sometimes get dried out pretty quickly when cooking. I’d always heard about brining in relation to turkeys for Thanksgiving, so why not give it a go with chicken! It turned out to be a hit and now, I’m a brining addict. So here’s my favorite combo :

The Brine:

• 4-6 Lemons halved/squeezed

• 15-20 Fresh bay leaves

• 1-2 gallons of water

• 1/2 black peppercorns

• a handful of Fresh thyme

• a handful of Fresh parsley

• 5-6 cloves of smashed Garlic

• 1 cup of Sea Salt

I bring this all to a boil, then refrigerate. Add my chicken once it’s completely cold and brine overnight. Then I marinate it with this combo inspired by Resha @ carnaldish.com and bake/roast/grill :

Combine these in the food processor and smear it all over.

• Lemon juice & zest

• Lime juice & zest

• Cumin

• Curry

• Smoked paprika

• Chili powder

• minced Garlic

• Crushed red pepper

• Sea salt & black pepper

• Fresh cilantro

• Grapeseed Oil


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