Arden’s Garden 2 Day Detox : It Really Wasn’t That Bad ….


Confession: I’m like, addicted to sweets. I’ve even considered getting hypnotized to rectify it. 😩😩 Sometimes, I will grab a bag of candy while waiting in line somewhere; open it and start eating it – not even really cognizant of what I’m doing. It’s literally auto-pilot for me to buy sweets when I’m in a grocery store. Ugggghhhhhhh. It’s so frustrating because aside from the sweets, I’m a pretty “healthy” eater : Fresh fruits and vegetables daily, high consumption of water daily, I don’t really eat fast foods or drink sodas, but all that becomes null and void when I decide to eat a  bag of Sour Patch Straws in one evening. There have been plenty of times where I go days without having any sweets, only to then completely binge on every single piece of candy that I lay my eyes on. But on the flipside, my consumption of sweets have declined significantly since I made a conscious effort to eat better and incorporate workouts into my lifestyle a few years ago. So I understand that I’m a work in progress. 😏

But for those days/or weeks when I really go overboard with sweets, salty, fatty, unhealthy foods – I’m always looking for a quick and healthy way to expel that stuff out of my body. (Even though, I feel like my regular diet is what people call a “detox” or “cleanse”, but that’s another story.) I frequent Arden’s Garden because I’m obsessed with their fresh pressed juices and smoothies. They believe that fresh juice is one of the keys to better health and they’re purist – they only use fresh fruits and vegetables, and I LOVE that!! My personal favorite is a 16oz smoothie w/ a pineapple juice base, 2 cups of spinach, a shot of fresh ginger, and strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries. So yummy, but I’ll talk about the 2 day detox that they offer. I always saw it on the shelf and on this particular day that I was there, I decided I would research it and give it a try. The idea is that the 2 Day Detox will rid your body of toxins, aid with weight loss, and boost your immune system. Its 2 gallons, drinking a gallon a day, of grapefruit juice, orange juice, lemon juice, and distilled water. So the citrus supplies your body with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants while the distilled water is free of toxins and contaminates. After researching all of this, I was so excited that I ditched my original plan with my friends, whom I’d recruited to endure this detox as well, of starting on Monday, and decided to start a day earlier.

So at 10:00am on Sunday, I made my way to the new Arden’s Gardens that’s literally 5 minutes away from my home in Vinings; bought both bottles for about $30 and poured myself a glass. You can also make it yourself – the recipe is all over the internet. I LOVE grapefruits and that’s the main ingredient, so I didn’t mind the tartness of the concoction. Nor do I mind beverages with pulp. I actually thought it was refreshing. Arden’s Garden recommends drinking 8-12 oz every hour and drinking distilled water in between those times. I finished 2 glasses (16oz) within the first hour and continued throughout the afternoon with no problems.  Keep in mind, the day prior I’d eaten Popeye’s, I think I bought a bottle of Sprite?, and of course : CANDY. 😳😳 There’s more, but I’ll spare you the details – but I mentioned it because whenever I eat poorly I feel like it lingers in my body. When I’m eating “right” I usually wake up hungry, but this Sunday I felt pretty full from the day before. Hunger pains didn’t start kicking in until about 5pm. Every time I felt a pain or heard a growl, I drank more detox. I was urinating just about every 30 minutes – which wasn’t horrible, as I drink a good bit of water daily anyways. By 6pm, I had a full on hunger headache. The kind of pressure that’s not painful, but more annoying than anything. Actually, everything was annoying me. I remember being on the phone with my aunt and everything that she said warranted an eye roll or huffing and puffing. Even during my workout, I kept griping about the humidity and the bugs outside. I had to step back and say to myself: What the eff is wrong with you? You’re being weird. And then it hit me:  I WAS HANGRY. You know how people joke about being irritable when hungry and its light hearted and funny? This wasn’t funny. I felt so besides myself and I’m thinking that there is no way that a few hours of a liquid only diet could cause this. Apparently, it’s pretty common. Along with this overstuffed, bloated feeling that I experienced as well. I ultimately fought pass my irritation and finished my last 16oz around 11:55pm. DAY ONE: DONE!! All of a sudden I had this burst of energy since I’d completed it. I might have even done a 5 minute celebratory dance in my bed. 😏

DAY TWO was a breeze, well in comparison to the day before. I thought that I’d wake up with that annoying headache – no headache at all. I thought that I’d wake up starving – no hunger pains. So I immediately think that I must have woken up in the middle of the night, sleep walked to kitchen, and eaten the ritz crackers in my cabinet (which has happened to me before while on Ambien, don’t judge) – but no. My kitchen was intact. And what was amazing: I didn’t feel hungry at all. It took me a couple hours to even begin drinking because I felt so satiated. I weighed myself that morning for thrills because I wasn’t expecting any drastic weight loss from one day. I was down 5 lbs, which really didn’t amuse me because I’m sure that it was mostly water weight that I loss. Other than that, day two was pretty uneventful. I had a lot of work to do and I had a dermatologist appointment, so maybe I was a distracted the majority of the day. Oh – but I will point out my heightened sense of smell on day two. Well, my heightened sense of the smell of food. Everything smelled delicious. I drove by a Subway as someone was just walking out the door… omigah – that bread smelled like heaven, but I pressed on. I finished my second bottle around 10pm that night, but no celebratory dance that night. I felt weak. I did have spurts of energy throughout the day, but by nightfall I just wanted to be in the bed. I thought that the following morning I would want to inhale everything in sight but instead – I woke up, made my morning tea and smoothie, and followed my normal eating habits.

With all of that being said, the only thing that I felt was lacking was that true feeling of being “cleaned out”. When I detox or cleanse, I’m looking for really healthy BMs. We’re adults right? We can talk about bowel movements. I make my friends talk about it all the time. There were definitely were some rumblings down there from time to time and the movement of a lot of gas, but never really the type of normal (I believe normal is considered to be 1-3 BMs a day) bowel movements that I’m used to. There was more urination than anything else – but either way, the elimination of all that liquid is great too since it carries all the toxins out along with it. Overall, I think the detox is great; whether you’re interested in jump starting a healthier way of living or if you just want a mild purge after a few days of unhealthy eating. I’ll definitely do it again, but maybe after a weekend of excessive alcohol consumption or even during/after having a cold. And I must say, my skin (aside from this dermatological issue) looks great.                                              xoxo 😁😁😁

PS. I have noticed today, 2 days later, that I’m have a strong craving for beef? I’m not a huge meat eater, so its a bit perplexing. Researching now…..


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  1. You may be craving beef and/or other meat sources due to a possible vitamin B-12 deficiency.

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