a quickie w/ shari: my daily moisturizing spray

This is truly a quickie! I just wanted to share my holy grail of moisturizer concoctions. When I started this hair journey, one of the most important steps was making sure to moisturize & seal my hair every night. The idea is that we should be hydrating our hair with a moisturizer daily , to combat weather, evaporation, and general damage. You would then “seal” in that moisture with a sealing oil. The longer that I’ve been on this journey, the less attention I pay to the different types of oils that you should use to seal. All natural oils are good and add nutrients to your hair, but that’s just my opinion. I tried combining the moisturizing & seal process a couple of years ago, but never really stuck with it.


Earlier this year, I got Senegalese twist and this was the first time that I had braids/twists since being on my hair journey. My braider, who I have gone to for over 10 years, wanted me to buy this braid spray that she couldn’t convince me to buy. I figured that I would just try my hand at the moisturizing concoction again, and just spray it on my scalp. My hair loved it!! I sprayed in between each braid daily and directly onto the twists. Once the twists came out, I still sprayed it on my hair daily and haven’t stopped. I spray a little on my hand and massage it into my scalp and onto my strands – focusing on my ends. Its quick & easy, and less of an oily mess! I don’t have measurements for this, but rose water probably has the most parts, as this spray isn’t very thick. Ingredients are below!!!                                        xoxo 😊😀😁

  •  Moisturizers : Mizani Rose H2O & Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Lotion
  •  Oils : Currently, Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Olive Oil, Almond Oil, Grapeseed Oil and I might have added Jojoba
  • Rose Water

I shake ’em up in a bottle and voila. 🙂




  1. mrsbabymom · · Reply

    I’m going to try this concoction soon! Your twists are beautiful on you, by the way!

    1. Hope it works for you! I love it.

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