Monthly Archives: February 2016


  I’m pretty sure that tomorrow will be my last full day of this fast! I kinda feel like a p***y for ending 4 days shy of the goal, but I feel so GOOD, that I can’t really be hard on myself. I also made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t just stop abruptly; […]

💦my 14 Day Water Fast : Day 7

I did a 5k yesterday! I went into it planning to do jogging intervals, but also listening to my body and not overdoing anything, but I amazed myself with the energy I had during the entire race. I still did jogging intervals and the times that I ran, I felt great. Now…once I got home yesterday […]

💦my 14 Day Water Fast : Day 3

Energy levels are still up! I’m like, shocked. I expected to be in zombie mode, but I am so alert and still have energy to get my daily walks in. Now there are some gotcha gotchas : For one, my tongue. Ugh. Yesterday I noticed this thick, white coating of something on my tongue, along with […]

💦my 14 Day Water Fast : Day 1

Note : I’m not a doctor or a nutritionist; just sharing my personal experience with trying a water fast for the first time What exactly is a water fast ? A true water fast maintains a zero caloric intake. This means water only, nothing added to it. Its believed that any food allowed into the bodily system […]