💦my 14 Day Water Fast : Day 3

Energy levels are still up! I’m like, shocked. I expected to be in zombie mode, but I am so alert and still have energy to get my daily walks in. Now there are some gotcha gotchas : For one, my tongue. Ugh. Yesterday I noticed this thick, white coating of something on my tongue, along with a super dry mouth that wasn’t remedied with all the water that I was drinking and what seemed to be sores on the edges of my tongue. Nothing painful, but annoying since I KNEW that my breath had an odor. Apparently, this is a part of the process : the tongue is one of the many places that the toxin exit the body. Just like if you start to smell when sweating, that’s toxins leaving the body. I read somewhere the peppermint oil can help with the odor, so I’ll add that to my water intake tomorrow. I also have been oil pulling for the past few months and maybe that will get rid of some of it. Oh and everything taste different. Even though its the same water that I’ve been drinking, the chlorophyll seems more potent; the ginger, my tea and some times, I don’t taste anything at all.

Today, I drank a cup of chloroxygen infused water before getting out of bed, two cups of ginger root tea on the way to work, 4 additional  cups of hot tea, and have been working on 1 liter of coconut water and 1.5 liters of infused water the rest of the day. The fluids seem to be passing thru me quicker now. The first day, I don’t recall having to relieve myself as much as I did today. How do I feel right now? Hmm, I mentioned that energy-wise, I feel great. I also felt mild nausea throughout the day. I’ve read that the more toxins that the body has to rid itself of, the more discomfort I’ll feel – and I’m okay with that. I also got a slight headache around noon and then at 4pm that eventually went away within that hour. Oh, did I mention that I’m hungry as a wolf? Today is the first day that I can hear the wolf in my stomach growling at me ferociously. Again, its not a hungry in a sense where I NEED to eat or I’ll pass out or something; its a hunger in the sense of, I’m used to eating right now. My coworker brought lunch from the cafeteria downstairs today. I thought she had fried chicken (have no idea why it smelled like that to me), but turned out to be a black bean burger and fries 😩😩, but I’ll continue to chug on my water. Oh, and I saw these Starburst gummies at Kroger 😩😩. One of my girlfriends agreed to buy it and eat it for me 😊😀 , so I’ll continue to chug my water.


ps : for those who dont know what oil pulling is (snatched this from google): Oil pulling, also known as “kavala” or “gundusha,” is an ancient Ayurvedic dental technique that involves swishing a tablespoon of oil in your mouth on an empty stomach for around 20 minutes. This action supposedly draws out toxins in your body, primarily to improve oral health but also to improve your overall health


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