💦my 14 Day Water Fast : Day 7

Screenshot_2016-02-21-08-13-06-1I did a 5k yesterday! I went into it planning to do jogging intervals, but also listening to my body and not overdoing anything, but I amazed myself with the energy I had during the entire race. I still did jogging intervals and the times that I ran, I felt great. Now…once I got home yesterday evening, it was another story; I was definitely tired; more tired than I would normally be and more tired than I’ve been this entire fast, but I slept for 8+ hours and feel back to normal. 😊

Today, I plan to drink 1 liter of coconut water and maybe a liter of chloroxygen infused water, and the rest (not sure if I ever mentioned that I’ve been drinking about 120 – 130 oz of water daily – including the coconut water)  will be hot tea.  How do I feel right now?  Between day 4 and 5, I started having some muscle soreness for sure; shoulders, legs, arms , but tiger balm has been remedying that issue. Also experienced muscle spasms at random on Day 4.  I noticed some bloating on this day too. I still gotta do some research on it, but I think its odd considering I’m not trying to digest anything. Even with the bloating, I weighed myself and was down 9 lbs. I know, I know, its water weight 😏.

Day 4 was probably the hardest, with Day 5 coming in second. I think it was Day 5 that I declared : I”m not doing a 14 day water fast – I’ll just do 7 days!  Oy. A couple of headaches were lingering on these days and the hunger was too. REAL hunger. I looked at those Tasty food videos (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, have a look 😍) for atleast 2 hours straight on Day 4 and started making a : What I Will Eat Post Fast list 😏. Hangry is probably and understatement for how irritable I felt on these days, but that has passed!!  I woke up yesteday feeling GREAT and the same for today . It doesn’t even feel like I haven’t eaten food in 7 days. I’m actually really surprised with myself. I LOVE food. I might be a foodie or just a girl that can eat, but its crazy to me that I havent eaten food. Even on Day 4, when I wanted to eat so badly, I was still able to stand firm. HUGE lesson right? Mind over matter. Maybe my desire to get healthier and truly detox, is over-powering my desire for food?? Now when food smells start floating around, its not that easy lol, but I’ll still drink my water for now.  And yes, I’m going to finish out the 14 days…… or atleast 12. 😏


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