I’m pretty sure that tomorrow will be my last full day of this fast! I kinda feel like a p***y for ending 4 days shy of the goal, but I feel so GOOD, that I can’t really be hard on myself. I also made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t just stop abruptly; that I would plan the date to stop and not just go on impulse. And here is the other thing, I can’t just go grab an ox to eat ( because believe me, I want to 😩) once I end this fast. My body has to get adjusted to eating and digesting again. The first few days off the fast, I’m only eating fruits and steamed veggies. I’ll also consume the same amount of water over that time too.

A LOT of people have been questioning if this fast option is truly healthy : ” won’t you get malnourished?” “you’re going to be too weak for your body to take care of itself”, to name a couple of things. Before, I give you all of the positives that I’ve personally experienced, I’ll say this. I was really never raised to rely on “western medicine” for healing. Yeah, for a quick remedy – because I’m no stranger to prescription pills and otc blah blah – , but not for real healing. I’m also no stranger to seeing the effects of fasting on the body; whether it was my parentals on spiritual fasts or the family fasting the week of Kwanzaa growing up ( okay, okay – I fainted one year, but that’s another story). The idea of fasting was not intimating to me – I’ve seen what it can do. My only concern was how I would mentally handle not eating food. I knew that my body would be good. I stated before that I’m doing this fast to give my organs the opportunity to detox and eliminate toxins. What I may have neglected to mention, although its probably obvious to some, is that a good bit of those toxins come from the food that we consume in this country. But I digress…

So let me start by saying, I feel great! And I mean GREAT. I’ll bullet point why I feel this way, since some folks don’t like to read lol.

  • Skin : My skin looks amazing. I don’t want to brag, but I’m pretty much glowing
  • Weight loss : As of today, I’m down 12 lbs. I know that a good bit of that is water weight, so I’ll gain it back when I start eating again but I feel light on my feet and agile. Although, my trini friend has promised me some curry chicken and roti to fatten me back up when I’m ready.😏
  • Energy : I have so much energy. I don’t know if its the chlorophyll or what, but I’ve had the energy to still function as if I’m eating. I still walk daily and I completed a 5k
  • Sleep : I have fallen asleep and stayed asleep every night on this fast. And then woken up alert and feeling rested. I’ve had trouble with not sleeping for years, so it felt really good to revisit the feeling of good sleep
  • Self Control : So you mean that I can go to Target and NOT buy rainbow sour punch straws?? 😏 I was able to go to the grocery store and not buy candy or sweets or unhealthy carbs. I friggin walked into Thumbs Up where my favorite spicy chicken sausage lives, and did not order anything. I showed myself that I don’t have to “give in” to the things that my body has come accustomed to eating.
  • Other : I had been having some physical ailments for the past few months that I feel no trace of today

I know that there will be more positive changes once I start eating again, so I’ll pay attention to those. I can’t really say that I have any negatives, but here are a few of the not so glamorous effects :

  • Hunger : Uhh yeah. You will feel hungry. For me, after feeling extremely hungry on days 4 & 5, I haven’t felt that level of hunger since. My level of hunger has gone back to how it felt the first couple of days – where I wasn’t really hungry, but wanted to eat.
  • Muscle Soreness  : I think I noticed muscle soreness and tightness on day 3. Its not painful, but you feel it. That went away by day 6
  • Tongue Coating : On day 2 I noticed a thick, white coating on my tongue, along with mouth dryness and an odor. It was my body eliminating toxins. I never really found a remedy for it, but it was gone by day 6
  • Foggy Mind : There were times when I struggled to find words as I spoke or times when I just couldn’t focus on what I was doing. I keep researching and it seems to be connected to a lack of energy, but I didn’t feel a lack of energy. I still have to do some digging on that
  • Weakness : There was one moment throughout this that I felt “weak”. It was when helping the parental move some things on Day 6. This was after having fasted for 5 full days and doing a 5k that morning. Makes sense that I would feel weakness that day.
  • Irritable :  I’m calling it Hangry 3.0. I made a promise to myself that I would key a man’s car this evening because this morning while I was jogging in my complex, he nearly hit me. I literally had to lunge to the ground to dodge his vehicle and he didn’t even stop. He must not have seen my bright neon pink fleece that I was wearing. Whether or not I was being dramatic about the whole thing, I won’t key his car, but I did curse him many unpleasantries throughout the rest of his day. So yeah, very irritable without food and just annoyed with the daily things that we tend to get immune to in general

I never felt severe pain or weakness. I didn’t felt faint or fatigued. In fact, I felt myself getting stronger. I feel much stronger today, than I have in awhile. I actually jogged this morning. I’ve been doing jogging intervals ( jog for so-so minutes, then walk for so-so minutes) for awhile now, but this morning, I put on my sneakers and ran out the door for a 1 mile and a half. I will say that I notice a difference in how my body feels while working out; feels like it wants fuel. And I get that – we need food for fuel to function.

Today, I’m drinking 1 liter of coconut water and a liter of essential oil infused water, and the rest will be ginger root tea and other herbal teas. I’ll do the same for tomorrow. I planned to include essential oils during the second week of this fast, but looks like it will be just 2 days lol. I mentioned the benefits of essential oils in my first post about the blog here. Will I do a water fast again? Um, DEFINITELY. Not anytime soon, but I’ll do it again in the future.

*pats myself on the back* I’m proud of myself. 😊😀😁💪💪





  1. fitdeedee · · Reply

    Hi! thanks so much for sharing your experience! It’s so interesting and it looks like you went about it the right way. I’m looking to complete a fast of my own so I’m incredibly curious to read other’s progress and results.
    keep us posted on the end + reefed 🙂 all th ebest xoxo

  2. I lasted four days.

    I understand the whole healthy v. unhealthy debate with regards to water fasting. I’ve read a lot about it, and I do think it’s good to generally calorie restrict, and probably to fast occasionally. As far as the length of the fast – who knows.

    But it’s definitely a great feat of strength to make it to day 9. So kudos to you.

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