kitchen beautician: strengthening hair after shedding & breakage




I’ve been having some health issues recently. Well, I’ve had the health issues, but they’ve intensified recently. Usually your skin and hair are among the things that will go awry. Last year I found out that I have perioral dermatisis, which is a form of rosacea/acne. This came as a total shock to me because I’ve rarely ever had skin issues, but again, I know that that is a change that comes with unhealthy insides. With all these things that I have going on with my health, I haven’t put the same amount of energy into my hair care, but for whatever reason, my hair has held up! In fact, sometimes I think it looks the best it’s ever looked. Well, it LOOKED the best it’d ever looked. :/ I recently started taking a TEMPORARY medication (because I refuse to consistently put those toxins in my body for a lengthy period of time) that I take daily. One of the side effects: HAIR LOSS. Within the first week I noticed a difference in the strength of my hair immediately. It started feeling weak, coarse and the hair around my temples started thinning out. 2 weeks later, its clearly balding there. It’s not a huge spot, but I see it. Ughhh. There’s got to be a work around right? But how, if the medication is constantly being put into my body, how could I avoid the hair loss? Of course I started experimenting with my beauty supply store sized assortment of hair products and finally found a good combo for me! Its pretty much the same regimen that I’ve been on for the past couple of years, just different products.

–          Shea Moisture Shampoo – I had no idea that Shea Moisture products worked so well on relaxed hair. This shampoo actually leaves my hair feeling like a conditioner. I usually do 1-2 passes because I sweat a lot in my head and I want to get it really clean

–          Publix Brand Black Tea Rinse (caffeinated) – Boil. Steep. Cool. Poor over my hair after my shampoo, ring out excess tea, then apply deep conditioner. ( Omigah, I accidentally bought decaf once thinking that it wouldn’t make a difference, but your hair needs the caffeine. Using the decaf, I had way more shedding with my washes than usual)

–          AMLI Deep Conditioner  – my hair LOVES this DC. My hair feels like butter when I rinse it out. I particularly like it after the tea rinse because the tea will leave your hair feeling “strong”, not soft. So it softens it a bit before your regular conditioner

–          Shea Moisture Restorative Conditioner – depending on how soft my hair is after I rinse the DC out, I may do 1-2 passes with conditioner

–          Leave In Conditioner – Elasta QP Leave In, Shea Moisture Transitioning Milk, Mizani Thermastrength, ( I always use a heat protectant in the hot months because I workout outside in the sun) and Chi Silk Infustion. I like a liquid leave-in, a cream leave-in, a heat protectant, and a hair oil/serum

–          Drying & Styling –  So here’s the gotcha gotcha and don’t judge me : Lately, I’ve barely even had time to wash my hair; I used to deep condition for hours and air dry a lot…AND my hooded dryer is broken. I want a really good hooded dryer, possibly a dryer/steamer combo, so I’m on the hunt for that. I said all that to say, I’ve been BLOWDRYING more lately. I know, blowdrying is bad for your hair. I know, but I will say this. I’ve done this routine for the last 3 weeks and my shedding, with blowdrying, has been minimal. And I mean minimal. The first time that I tried this regimen, I was bracing myself to still see clumps of hair in my comb when detangling, because even though I was trying a work around, I didn’t think it would really work. One of these wash days when I don’t have anywhere to be that day, I’ll have a good ol’ airdry and see the difference on shedding. 😉 After blowdrying, I use the flatiron to put a few curls in before wrapping it. I think that I’ve mentioned before that I blowdry on cool and I don’t turn the heat on my flatiron above 300.

–          Something extra that I’ve been doing, because Id stopped doing this part of my regimen, is a castor oil massage. I put a little on the temples and massage before bed a few nights of the week. Not too much because castor oil can be heavy. Then, the night before my wash day, I’ll apply it to my full scalp and massage.


Even though the majority of my hair loss has been shedding, I know this because I make sure to check my strands, I have had breakage with my ends. Hopefully this regimen will restore the strength of my ends, but I’m not going to stress about it because I don’t want the stress to cause more breakage! I’ll get a trim within the next few weeks and pray that I haven’t lost too much length.  And hell, if I did, it’ll grow back. 😉



  1. I’m so happy you found a regimen that’s working for you because your hair looks amazing!

    1. aww thanks!! 🙂

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