Monthly Archives: April 2017

diy w/ shari : Faux Wood Panel Bathroom Shelves

Four Words : Older home. Small bathrooms. I have a lot of “stuff”, so I NEEDED shelves in my bathroom. On an IKEA run, I came across some shelves on sale for $3 and plastic brackets for 50c each. I grabbed them, not really planning to do anything to them. Oh wait, I actually was planning to […]

diy w/ shari : Deer Wallmount with Floral Crown

Long story short, I bought a house last year! 🤗🏡 2016 was a helluva year, but I was blessed enough to have set a goal of buying a house in 2016 and actually doing it! I might blog about the process later, but for now, I’m excited about all of the Pinterest inspired DIY projects […]