diy w/ shari : Faux Wood Panel Bathroom Shelves

Four Words : Older home. Small bathrooms.

I have a lot of “stuff”, so I NEEDED shelves in my bathroom. On an IKEA run, I came across some shelves on sale for $3 and plastic brackets for 50c each. I grabbed them, not really planning to do anything to them. Oh wait, I actually was planning to atleast paint the brackets gold, but I can’t remember why that didnt happen. 🤔


Fast forward to 4 months after I hung the boring shelves, I saw a picture on Instagram of a marble shelf with gold brackets. I had leftover marble contact paper from another diy project – a bar cart, that I didnt take any progression pictures of, but I do have the end result below 😊 – and gold spraypaint stays in stock at my house. I pull out the marble contact paper, but its not enough to cover all sides of both shelves. Plan B : use my leftover wood panel wallpaper, and it worked perfectly! I spraypainted the brackets on the wall because I probably would have had to make new holes to put them back up.

I love the update. Can’t believe something so simple made such a difference!                           xoxo💋

Said bar cart 🍷🍸🍹🍾





  1. Yasmine McGruder · · Reply

    I love these!

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