Energy levels are still up! I’m like, shocked. I expected to be in zombie mode, but I am so alert and still have energy to get my daily walks in. Now there are some gotcha gotchas : For one, my tongue. Ugh. Yesterday I noticed this thick, white coating of something on my tongue, along with […]

Note : I’m not a doctor or a nutritionist; just sharing my personal experience with trying a water fast for the first time What exactly is a water fast ? A true water fast maintains a zero caloric intake. This means water only, nothing added to it. Its believed that any food allowed into the bodily system […]

This is truly a quickie! I just wanted to share my holy grail of moisturizer concoctions. When I started this hair journey, one of the most important steps was making sure to moisturize & seal my hair every night. The idea is that we should be hydrating our hair with a moisturizer daily , to […]

Probably around the winter of last year, I noticed a cluster of small, sometimes itchy bumps around my nostrils. I freaked out because I’ve really never had issues with my skin. I rarely even get pimples and I’m VAIN self absorbed, so I don’t want any blemishes on my face. At that time the bumps […]

Like a lot of 30 somethings, I made some pretty poor financial decisions in my early 20s. More specifically, I took out a bunch credit cards with my new, fresh out of high school credit and later on in life when times got rough financially, they were the first things that I stopped paying. It’s a […]

Confession: I’m like, addicted to sweets. I’ve even considered getting hypnotized to rectify it. 😩😩 Sometimes, I will grab a bag of candy while waiting in line somewhere; open it and start eating it – not even really cognizant of what I’m doing. It’s literally auto-pilot for me to buy sweets when I’m in a grocery […]

Now that I am in my 30s, I’ve come to a sad realization that I’m not Carrie Bradshaw (although we are very similar – in my head). It’s not that Carrie made dating look easy – because I literally cried when Burger broke up with her on post-it – but it just doesn’t seem as promising to date […]