Oy, Dating is Time Consuming

So, I haven’t blogged in ages. I hate to admit it, but it’s because I’ve been dating. ‘Him’ and I are in that sickening honeymoon stage – where we want to see each other all of the time, and yada yada yada. I feel so out of the loop. My social networking ( well, not Instagram 😉 ) usage has declined and the most devastating decline : has been my health and hair journey!!! I noticed last Thursday that I didn’t feel as ‘light on my feet’ as I had been feeling in the previous months. I decided to step on the scale: 5 LBS GAINED!! I fainted – over-dramatically and caught myself up against the nearest wall. 5lbs gained in a little less than 3 weeks?!?!? Seriously? The other thing that I noticed on Thursday was that my hair just wasn’t its normal, light, bouncy self. Then it occurred to me that I haven’t really been moisturizing & sealing my hair every night – nor have I been protecting my hair with satin ( with a wrap or pillow case) to sleep. I literally called my hair stylist within 2 minutes of this realization to schedule a deep conditioning protein treatment to get back on track. And a trim, just because I hadn’t had one in 9 weeks.  hair  And just a quick side bar: people keep asking me why I’m on a hair journey. I wanted healthier hair – it’s really that simple. I relax (perm) my hair, and enjoy having relaxed hair – but my hair being straight – is not my natural state. My natural state is kinky, so me stretching out my curls to achieve a permanent straight look, is taxing on my strands. I felt like my hair had the potential to be healthier, so with the advice of girlfriend, the journey began. Everyone’s hair is different; I’m just doing this for MY hair- and I’m impressed with my results. I had the same length hair for YEARS, and even though my intentions of starting this hair journey wasn’t to achieve length, it’s a nice bonus. My hair from Feb 12 to Feb 13: feb( This might not be the best comparison shot, but I mean – you can compare with the image above as well)

So, hair – I feel good about. Now, I have to get back on track with my health journey – but its hella difficult!! For example, on Sundays I usually workout with one of my girlfriends. This past Sunday came, and ‘he’ suggested that we go to this vintage/antique boutique that he saw on Instagram because he wanted to buy something from there that was posted. Which, by the way, I absolutely la-a-oved this place!!! It’s called Paris on Ponce. Its right in Poncey Highlands ( in between the city and the Virginia Highlands). There were tons of unique, classic pieces – ranging from flasks to anatomical charts , handmade iPads cases to old dentist chairs, and — well, you get the point. It has EVERYTHING that you never would imagine, but immediately want once you see it. 🙂 I fell in love with a lot of things – my fav was this leather decanter that I didn’t buy, but I anticipate that I’ll be back for it soon. Well, I don’t anticipate it – we WILL be back there on Friday for their Valentine’s Day Burlesque Show. I’ve never been to a burlesque show, so I’m uber excited. 🙂

harlem chair leather decanter thedirty

After Paris on Ponce happened, since we were in the area – Fellinis happened, and since we were semi in the area- Dekalb Farmers Market happened. Which means, no workout happened. 😦  I know that I can find a healthy balance between dating and my health journey. Now, the good thing is that he has been on a health journey as well. He would never call it that, but he’s lost a significant amount of weight and is becoming a gorilla juicehead <— another phrase that he wouldn’t use. So right now, he’ll be my motivation to make sure that I : 1. Resume my daily workouts, 2. Not eat junk, 3. Incorporate fresh fruits and vegetable into every meal, 4. No heavy foods after 7pm, 5. Consume my gallon of water daily, and most importantly : 6. GET ENOUGH SLEEP.  Yes – all of those things have gotten me so far in my health journey, so I can’t give them up. Let the balancing act begin. 😉 …..xoxo


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